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Scandinavian Design Is The Perfect Base For Style Blends That Work Effortlessly

Two years ago, just after buying her first apartment, my sister said "I want to decorate my new place, but I have no idea where to start". Buying an apartment was a major milestone for her and she wanted to get it right. All she knew at this point, is that she wanted to create a beautiful interior she would be proud of...

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Parisian Interior Design Style Holds No Secrets With My Eight-Step Guideline!

How many of us would wish to achieve the unique Parisian style in urban interiors? We might long for that deliberate imperfection and artistic flair so specific to Parisian homes. The style is often eclectic, seems effortless and creative expression is at the heart of it. It is both nostalgic and contemporary and is unshakable when challenged by changing, fleeting trends...

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My 5 easy-to-do tips to make working from home a sustainable and pleasant experience!

It took me a few days to write this post as I have been trying to adjust to the sudden enforced confinement we were asked to adhere to here in France. This new "situation" has been frustrating and at times scary, but I accept that it is important to stick to the new rules, so we collectively try to flatten the curve and slow the spread of the virus. In the meantime, life must go on. ..

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(Part 2) Don’t Let Small Spaces Intimidate You. A Small Space Can Still Be Your Dream Place!

I have put together some of the most important guidelines to help you decorate your apartment. 6/ Establish a color scheme and carry it through the apartment: The color scheme is the common thread that will help you make the right choices when decorating your home. If you don’t want this process to turn into a complicated burden, you can follow a simplified approach that will make this creative task fun and easy.

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(Part 1) Don’t Let Small Spaces Intimidate You. A Small Space Can Still Be Your Dream Place!

I remember when I moved into a relatively small apartment and was faced with the challenge of making it feel like home. I wanted to make the place seem bigger and brighter without making any structural transformations. Usually, it is difficult to make major structural improvements if it is a rented property...

Glimpses of History

A Close Look at Marie-Antoinette’s “Salon de Compagnie”, The Timeless Representation of The 18th Century French Neo-classical Movement

I remember the first time I visited the Petit Trianon with my sister in December 2014. That visit was a true revelation as this is a place that is not only stunningly beautiful but is also a classic representation of the timeless French elegance in interior design. Moreover, and unlike usual historic monuments, this building and its interiors feel contemporary, so contemporary that we actually (very humbly!!) imagined ourselves living there...

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My 10 Top Budget-friendly Gold Accents You Can Get Now

During my recent visit to the Paris Maisons et Objet last September, it was clearly evident that gold accents were still a hot trend across all categories of interior design. Having said that, it might be a bit intimidating to introduce gold accents to your interior as you may be afraid of not achieving the right amount of glitz and ending up with a tacky and old-fashioned result. What a nightmare that would turn out to be...

Glimpses of History

Hôtel De La Païva: The Intriguing Story Of The Woman Behind The Most Sumptuous “Hôtel Particulier” On The Champs-Elysées (Part 2)

While La Païva was often described as an overly ambitious upstart, excessive in her need for material goods and uncouth in her way of showing her fortune and possessions, I’d rather explore the reasons that might have led her to adopt certain behavior and what really fueled that determined ambition and drove her to build her extravagant Hôtel Particulier. She was, after all, a courtesan...

Glimpses of History

Hôtel De La Païva: The Intriguing Story Behind The Most Sumptuous Mansion on The Champs-Elysées (Part 1)

While I was flipping through a book about historic palaces in Paris, especially those rarely accessible to the public, a particular and quite unusual story caught my eye and sparked my interest. The fascinating story I am about to describe narrates the life of the mastermind behind one of the most emblematic monuments on the Champs-Elysées (Hôtel Particulier in French): Hôtel de La Païva, the only example left of the magnificent palaces that once lined the iconic avenue...